The less part writes faster, so I’ll dispose of riding in a fell swoop:  I managed to get out for an hour last Sunday and felt encouraged, then I rode easily in the gym on Monday and Tuesday for 50 and 75 minutes, respectively and felt OK, happy that I was turning my legs.  I was all optimistic about launching a consecutive day riding streak, but work got in the way and the streak ended at just three.  Will try to launch another this weekend; we are having a glorious winter for cycling and my health hasn’t allowed me to take advantage of it.

I finished both Catherine and Rough Ride.  I loved Catherine the book and mostly liked her as a person, though I absolutely hated what she had done to Poland.  Rough Ride was almost disappointing in the tameness with which it describes doping in cycling.  I suppose we are so jaded by recent revelations of drug-taking in the sport.

In contemplation of a summer trip to France, I picked up Stanley Karnow’s Paris in the Fifties.  I haven’t started reading it and wonder what it will do to my fanciful romanticized impression of France 60 years ago.